AI Superpowers for Product Owner

The responsibility of a Product Owner extends far beyond writing User Stories and maintaining the Product Backlog.
Product Owners bridge the gap between the company's strategy and a concrete product.

Product Owners can immensely benefit from having AI systems support them in many of their time-consuming tasks.
No matter if they get help analyzing the market or competition - or leverage useful insights into the outcomes of their product faster.

This training is designed to show how to exploit these new Product Owner superpowers using AI!
Learn tools, tricks, shortcuts - and practices that bring your Product Owner skills and outcomes to another level!
Product Owner Superpowers

Superpower your Product Ownership

Use artificial intelligence to level up your product development skills!

⭐️ Envision ideas

⭐️ Craft tangible goals

⭐️ Create and bring life to personas

⭐️ Simulate users probing your ideas

⭐️ Prepare and conduct stakeholder interviews

⭐️ Efficient user story generation and organization

⭐️ Test case creation

⭐️ Get help to prepare and facilitate workshops

⭐️ Navigate crucial team and stakeholder situations

⭐️ Learn how to say “No” when the stakes are high




Technologies touched in the class

… Large Language Models, mainly ChatGPT 4

(transfer to Gemini, or the free ChatGPT3.5)

… Image generation with Midjourney

… Online collaboration tools like Zoom and Mural (which are used to conduct the online class)

At the end of the class

At the end of the course, you will have a very good impression of how you can utilize AI assistants to make your work even faster, more efficient, and easier for you.

You know which tasks you can delegate, thereby creating free capacity and enabling you to focus even more on the outcomes of your Product Ownership.

You will have many ideas on how to use the class content to shine brighter in your organization, which will take you one step further toward owning your product.

A class about leveraging AI

AI ist exiting and opens up new horizons. It makes us quicker, more efficient and frees up cognitive load.

This enables us as Product Owners to use this freed cognitive load to excel in something AI is still behind: empathetically connecting with our users and delivering what makes them really happy. The class has AI as its focus point and respects that central connective element.

Training Schedule & Organizational Details

We train via Zoom and Both tools are easily accessible and running within an internet browser. We recommend a current version of Chrome or Firefox for smooth participation.

A basic understanding about Large Language Models is helpful but not needed.

Same applies to a valid subscription to ChatGPT 4.0 and Midjourney: helpful but not crucial. The class provides access to free-of-charge alternatives.

The class begins at 09:00 ends at 17:00h.

Class language is German or English – please check the course title when signing up.

If you have any questions about the organizational process, please feel free to get in touch!


Upcoming class schedule

Currently, there is no English class scheduled.

Of course, there is also the option to conduct the training exclusively for your company in-house.

Just get in touch to arrange this.